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NIGP Certification

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Thank you to our Charity Fundraiser In-Kind Sponsors!

The 2024 TAPP Executive Board has chosen The Arc Davidson County & Greater Nashville as this year's fundraiser recipient.

TAPP Silent Auction Terms & Conditions: Highest bid shall be declared the winning bid. Bids shall be made in increments as stated on the bid sheet(s). All bids are final and cannot be altered once written. The lowest written bid position # on the bid sheet prevails in the case of duplicate bids by different parties. Written bids must be legibly written. The TAPP President shall have final say as to what is determined as being the bid amount written if there is a challenge. The TAPP President has the exclusive right to accept or reject any non-conforming bids, to award the bid to the next highest conforming bidder, and to place a reserve price on any auction item. The Tennessee Association of Public Purchasing reserves the right to withdraw or add auction items without notice. By placing a bid, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and shall hold harmless the Tennessee Association of Public Purchasing, its President, Executive Board, Volunteers, Members, and Sponsors. The winning bidder is responsible for payment of any sales & use taxes that may be owed. Item value is based on fair market value unless otherwise noted and items have not been appraised. If winning bid price exceeds the fair market value of the item(s) won it may be tax deductible, consult with a tax advisor. All sales are final. Proof of purchase will be provided upon request to the TAPP Treasurer. Exchanges and refunds are not permitted. No item(s) may be redeemed for cash. An item’s safety and security are the winning bidder's responsibility once claimed. TAPP does not, in any official capacity, endorse any products or services from the in-kind sponsors, nor the potential outcomes of any engagement with or purchases made with these companies. These companies are only being recognized and appreciated for their in-kind support for TAPP's Charity Fundraiser. The companies have shown support through the donation(s) they have provided in order to help enhance the outcome of TAPP's charity fundraising efforts. By utilizing the sponsor website links found throughout, or by using the donated items and services received, the end-user assumes all risk, up to and including death, and assumes all responsibility for any interactions they may have with these companies including their donated products and services. Any announcements made day of auction shall take precedence over all advertised materials.

State & Local Procurement Agencies

View our compiled list of state and local procurement agencies.  View

Dictionary of Procurement Terms

NIGP's Online Dictionary of Procurement Terms, the comprehensive reference for public purchasing terms and concepts.  View the Dictionary 

Global Best Practices

NIGP's global best practices keep you up to date with advances in definitions, concepts, and best practices. Whether you are new to the profession or a seasoned professional, the guidance provided offers new insights and clarity on public procurement topics and practices.  View Best Practices

The Impact of Procurement

Without public procurement, roads wouldn’t get built and hospitals wouldn’t have the medical equipment they need to care for patients. Schools wouldn’t have textbooks and sanitation services couldn’t be improved. There’s a seemingly endless list of all the ways public procurement impacts the public to improve people’s lives and ensure their health and safety. Read more

Public Procurement Road Map

Where do you see yourself five years from now, and how are you going to get there?  NIGP's Workforce Development can answer both of those questions for you and get you started on the path toward your career development dreams. Learn more

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